Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sparkling Waters

Every sunny day I watch as the fall breeze softly ripples the waters reflecting hundreds of tiny lights that race and jump from one side to another. Did the pond’s water sparkle like diamonds in a sea of sunlight before Vixen died? Perhaps so and I just never noticed. Maybe the sun’s light reflected but just not so brilliantly.
An overwhelming sense of sadness each time I see this but still a feeling that her spirit is strong and continues to watch over her human and furry family. In some way, the rest of the Labs know this as they spend many moments waiting and watching by the fence gate that separates them from the field and pond. I feel their sense of yearning as they silently stand, pointing their noses upward, sniffing the air, peaceful and patient.
The day I scattered her ashes across the water’s edge, the wind blew briskly, spreading her spirit widely before settling it into the clear November coolness. I will never forget the image of the eerie white changing to blue as her ashes blended with the pond. Sometimes, on summer nights, when the sky is crystal clear, I see similar lights, move across the dark waters. Twinkling, dancing, like underwater fireflies. Were those always there too?
Did the pond’s water sparkle like that before Vixen died? Maybe, but I feel her presence so strongly, that for me, I have to believe it did not.


dlyn said...

I am so sorry you lost one of your dogs - beautiful photos and lovely writing.

C-Lee said...

hey sis.. .great pics, vixen will always be right there with you
love clee