Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thoughts for a Snowy Last Day of the Year

FOR TODAY: the last day of 2008
Outside my window: Soft fluffy snow piling up.
I am thinking: About how quickly this year has passed
I am thankful for: my life and all I am blessed with
From the kitchen: the possibility of macaroons(have to get that recipe from DLYNZ blog) and the smell of dog biscuits in the oven
I am wearing: of course, jeans, a new purple sweater and new Minnetonka slippers and always my ‘live the writerly life’ necklace
I am creating: constantly everything but hopefully will get to do more on my blog and make a New Year’s video with my new flip mino camera
I am going: to enjoy every day I have left of my vacation “Back to School on Monday” and maybe if the snow turns sticky I will make a new Snow Dog and write another sequel.
I am reading: "Boy Writers” by Ralph Fletcher (I know that is pathetic that I am reading something for school, right) But of course I am skimming Whole Dog Journal, too!
I am hoping: that 2009 continues to bless all my family and friends
I am hearing: silence and the Labs snoring and the furnace clicking on
Around the house: Christmas beginning to be put away(sigh) and 7 Labradors are lounging
One of my favorite things: our place in NC and the opportunity to be able to visit our sons, Steve and John
A few plans for the rest of the week: Staying in and having fondue for NYE(we just don’t go out) Enjoying New Year’s Day with Brad and the Labs, hoping to do some more writing(please!) and taking a big breath to relax!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

No Matter What the Weather

Labs just want to have fun!
James lies on the frozen grass, taking a rest from chasing his Jolly Ball.
Here we go! Meadow and James on the run.

And Glory determined to get that frozen ball out of the snow.

The Ice Storm

The ice came,
One December night
And in the morning
Such chilling beauty nature wrought
Broken trees like matchsticks lie
Criss crossed over roads and power lines
Now a giant's game of pick-up sticks
Days and days of clean up
Just to make things right again
But for one December night of ice.

Where did December go?

Coda, What a handsome boy!
John and Steve at Carolina State Park

Lindsay, Steve and Coda

Heading to NC on the first weekend in December seemed to take up a big chunk of time. But what a great way to spend a long weekend, visiting with Steve, Lindsay and Coda, and John.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Not a pretty site!

Point taken! This is what happens when Grandma Bounty gets in the picture. Is she sticking her tongue out at me! She will just have to be cut out of the holiday pic for this year! At 10, she has "been there, done that" way too many times with her human mom who is constantly snapping those shots! Not a lot of motivation to just sit and look pretty here. Where's the LIVER?