Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

End of Summer Labrolympics

Oh Dear! Summer's almost over and we haven't had our Summer Labrolympics!

Glory? Are you ready for some games?

The first game is the tomato agility maze. The object is to successfully jump the wire fence avoiding the weave poles and various jump stands, navigate to the nearest tomatoes and devour them as quickly as possible before 'mom' chases you out. Are you ready?

This is harder than I thought. There must be some way to get in here easily. If only 'mom' hadn't put those weave poles and jump stands to make it harder. This must be the advanced course. I easily got in there before. Those green tomatoes, so close I can smell them. I can see them. Woof!

Next up, the picnic table ball relay. Jump up, grab as many balls as you can and keep them away from the other Labs. Ready, go!

This is lots of fun. Ready for the final event. The "anything edible" Harvest Scavenger Hunt.

For this event you simply check all those favorite haunts where we have snacked all summer.

The apple tree, yum! and the cucumbers and string beans. Don't forget the blueberries and raspberries!

We're exhausted! This was a great Labrolympics. Will there be a Fall Fest? Most definitely! ...and of course don't forget about the Happy Holiday Labrolympics.