If you would like to be on an approved wait list for a future puppy, please email with detailed information regarding you/family.  If you are looking for yellow or chocolate, all my current girls are dominant black so there is no possibility for any yellow or chocolate puppies. 
To be approved you need to have a phone interview. Then a meeting to meet me and the Labs is required before final approval. Please do not expect that your name is on a wait list because you emailed to request this. You MUST be approved first. 
Next litter expected early January 2023.

At Pondview, we have litters only occasionally, to continue to improve on our line and with the intention of keeping a puppy.
All our puppies only go to pet approved homes with limited registration. All litters are whelped and raised in our home. We maintain a relationship with all of our puppy owners throughout the dog's life.

 Our Puppy Contract states that:
 The puppy purchased is examined by a veterinarian and is a healthy puppy. The owner agrees to take their puppy to their veterinarian for a check up within five(5) days from the date of purchase. The puppy  receives the proper immunizations for his/her age as shown on the health record before going to his/her new home.

The buyer agrees to take good and responsible care of the puppy, feed and house him/her properly, and promptly give or secure attention to the physical welfare of the dog at his own expense. The puppy will receive proper veterinary care throughout his lifetime to insure the good health of this dog.

The male dog will not be neutered earlier than 2 yrs from the date of purchase. Females are not to be spayed until going through 1 heat cycle.  The dog is not to be bred at any time before neutering/spaying.
If, at any time or for any reason, an owner cannot or does not want to continue owning the puppy, Pondview Labradors will be notified immediately and the puppy(or dog) will be returned to them.

Recommended reading for new puppy owners:

How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With  by Clairice Rutherford and David H. Neil