Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Welcome Fall,
In all your glory, blazing fiery colors, you enter upon Summer’s demise. Hardly skipping a beat with your cool clean air, refreshing my body and mind after Summer’s lazy heat and humidity.
You lure me into your breezy arms, giving me energy and a false sense of never ending youth as I shuffle through the ocean of red and orange that blanket the lawn. I delight in the chill of your early mornings while the mist rises from the still warm waters of the pond.
The fruits you bear are crisp like your days and bright as the colors that surround them. Orange pumpkins waiting to be carved. Red, yellow and green apples and pears waiting to be baked into some delicious treat. I marvel at your splender, the smell of leaves and pine needles mingled with the faint scent of smoke curling from my chimney, warming me on your chilly evenings. Your darkness settles early, masking the sun’s rays as they slant lower and lower in the October sky. Rising boldly, your harvest moon shines bright casting an eerie glow over the landscape. I marvel at your icy frost, seeking out each and every piece of green. Each time gripping harder and harder until, at last, you win, wilting and withering every leaf and flower left blooming in my garden.
I love you and I hate you. You took the lazy days of Summer from me, yet gave me an artists palette to photograph. You pretend to be kind but with each passing day you steal more and more away. Breezes that begin sweet and gentle, knowingly will end blowing bitterly cold, causing me to shiver as I pull my coat closer and wrap my gloved hands tightly around my insulated coffee mug.
So, welcome Fall. I know you well. Each year that passes I see you come with your hopeful passion, and I watch you go, sadly understanding what you have wrought.

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