Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pondview Labs enjoying Fall

Alex, Bounty, Glory, James Caroline and Meadow, Lisle

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Susan Eichler said...

Hi Cheryl!

You are bringing me into the 21st century. I've never really experienced a blog. This is quite impressive. As always your photos of the babies are wonderful. Do you really have 7??? Oh my!

Our boys are doing very well. My Striker is looking more and more like our Zach every day. In fact, yesterday Eric was talking to him and kept calling him Zach. I watied to see if he just misspoke, but eventually he said...wait a minute, you aren't Zach! You are Striker!

We have a lovely quite Saturday night this evening. It was raining and messy out and we all stayed in and cooked dinner and had a great evening. We commented on what a wonderful thing it is to just be by ourselves...the 6 of us!

Our thanks to you and Kate for bringing so much joy into our household!