Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Looking Ahead

"C'mon guys! Look over here!"

"Here we go again. Mom is taking pictures. 1,2,3, Ready!
Look away from the camera. Close your eyes! Stick out your tongue."

Before you know it, March will be here. That unpredictable weather month that brings us rain and snow, wild wind and mild breezes. Look what the late February snows brought in early. The St. Pawtrick's Pup. I doubt he will hang around until March 17th but we're always happy to see him for however long he stays. Like all the snow dogs, pups and angels that have frequented our winter landscape over the past few years, it brings a wag to our tails and a hearty woof!

1 comment:

C-Lee said...

lots of fun! it rained here all day, yet did not get rid of the snow that fell overnite! no snowpups here... too wet!