Friday, May 29, 2009

My Two Year Olds

Hawksmoor Pondview Glory My crazy Glory, who reminds me so much of my sweet Vixen, is beginning to focus her energies and is fast becoming an attentive, quick learner. Now if only her mom would have more time to spend on her Rally and Agility training, she would surely rival all that Vixen once accomplished.

Hawksmoor Pondview Caroline
My sweet Caroline, constantly seeking her sister's attention. She seems at bit softer, in personality and expression, but looks can be deceiving. She holds her own with the rest.

When these TWO pups claimed their stake on our pack and my heart, I couldn't believe that I was actually adding both at the same time. If only there had been more girls in Meadow's litter, my decisions might have been different. If only Meadow hadn't had to be spayed during her emergency C-section, I might not have felt the importance of having more choices to continue the line. But the what if's are now in the past and I can't imagine my life without them both. Whatever happens with decisions about breeding them, they will remain two special girls in our pack of 7.
Happy Birthday my sweet girls.

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