Monday, November 17, 2008

James here is my fourth photo in my fourth folder...I was tagged by my sister and am to pass this little game on to another blogger but, sorry girls, I only know 3 of you and so I cannot pass this on. Except for you gals, I am a friend to total non-bloggers(which for me could be a good thing) since everyone "thinks" I am sooooo clever! At any rate, this photo is of James in April of 2007 (note: ABC order of my folders) and imagine! snow in April! It is appropriate for what we have to look forward to isn't it?

Now, I have to say that when I go to my browse window on my blog post site to get photos, I actually have a different 4th folder and 4th photo. I confess, I do not want to cheat so I am posting the other picture below for your viewing pleasure. AND it is really hard for me to do this since I really started this blog as my "PONDVIEW LABS" blog. Ahhhhh Well. here goes.

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