Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tomatoes to Apples

"Glory come!" Where has she gone now. Usually she can be found sneaking the tomatoes from the vegetable garden. Not there. Sighing heavily I trudge up the hill to the back. Forbidden territory! HA! I glimpse a shadow of black among low moving branches.
"Get here, right now!" I holler.
She ignores me. What is she doing? Picking up my pace I approach the top level. Ah! Now it's clear. She has been stealing apples from the old tree bordering the bramble by the road. She lifts her head and although she realizes she's been caught, she takes one last crunchy bite, pieces of her tasty treat falling from her mouth as she attempts to escape. Her mischievious nature is comical. My impatience and exasperation dissolve and I begin to laugh. Such a silly puppy! I open my arms wide and she wiggles her body towards me, knowing that her apple escapade is over....for now.

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